Where is Shirtless?

Where is it? Did they removed it? Like, forever?
If they did, I am very angry and sad

Clearly it was more pressing than the majority of Ogryn weapons having torso priority making head shots unreasonable or the recent Ogryn clubs having the pre buff heavy attack speed (AKA unusable heavy attacks). Or y’know reverting the mutant changes absolutely nobody asked for or likes.

Yeah, really really not a good look for the devs @FatsharkCatfish


As I saw in their discord, they have been struggling to fix the fun today, so at first everyone was Zealot, then shirtless or something and some more circles.

I am indeed in such dispair, because this means one thing, they or don’t listen to us or actively ignoring.
Well, now I know that trying to give fun ideas here is no use, or any sort of feedback.

The only thing that’s left, is to hope that they will listen to us, and add shirtless option or something close, if they won’t I don’t know how can I keep my hope in them.

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Just another reason to keep my review of darktide negative. Don’t get on fatsharks wild ride. It only goes downhill.

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Yes there is still hope that they will reimplement the shirtless option properly.
There were a few issues with the shirtless option, so they might be working on fixing those before returning it (although i do not think that i have seen a statement in this regard).

If the intention is to permanently remove the shirtless option… Idk what they are smoking, considering that this was probably the most liked feature of the recent update, and got overwhelmingly positive community feedback.
It would have been such a simple and obvious way to earn some points with the community.


Why do people constantly repost threads that are already being talked about? This really is the Steam Tidal Wave sweeping over the forums.

It is? Well, didn’t see at the time of writing it

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