Please Fatshark! Let us be shirtless again!

It was fun and fitting! And the only way to actually show body tattoos! It suits every class, too.


A birthday suit for every class. The mind wonders of the size of Ogryn shaft!


Oh but they can’t get us to pay 10 bucks for no shirt, so it won’t happen


Look man we had fun with the no shirt bug, FS saw that and was like: no way those guys are haveing fun IN OUR GAME!?.

Ok maybe what i said was a little over the top, but thats how i feel right now :frowning:


There were severe issues of clipping and ghost textures with the bugged shirtless.

In addition, we already saw 2 official shirtless sets in various leaks.

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To be able to buy the privilege to not wear cosmetics! Oh, one can only dream…

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If I could also let my naked Ogryn use his shaft as crowd control weapon. That’s something I’d pay for.

Ok hear me out, cyberdong

I would like to see the return of this cosmetic… the only cosmetic that permits you to show tatoos

If you have a link to this I would like to update my documentation on it.

@Merdoc You remember the leaked skin controversies? Lol.

i’m still surprised they didn’t do it with the event where they advertised the tattoos by showing use shirtless character options to display them. seemed like an easy publicity win for them there.

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This is Fatshark. Their incompetence knows no bounds.


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