WHC "The Unending Hunt" is additive?

I’ve been trying to figure out why my WHC ultimate periodically goes to a ~18 second cooldown. It appears that the WHC talent Unending Hunt can trigger an 80% reduction at 20 or more enemies, is this intentional?

Shhh, don’t tell them…


And BH’s doubleshot too :slight_smile:

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Move on, nothing to see here, just ult working JUST FINE!


Post was withdrawn.

Yes, it’s a little borked. It’s a host only feature afaik.

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Yes it is. Everything is as intended.

bruh!! Read! The! Room! READ THE ROOOOOM

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Can confirm. Not a bug. Nothing to look at here. Move along.


Friend, you are mistaken.

Everything is alright now. Let’s all go home.

(If someone could make a version where Tommy Lee Jones has Saltzpyre’s hat and maybe a grayed out cartoon eye, as well as putting the fatshark logo in place of the face of the blue-stained guy, that’d be rad!)


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