WHC- Eternal Guard Not working with Axe

Issue Summary:
Eternal Guard which means all front NORMAL attacks for WHC will not break his guard. Not functioning correctly with Axe. When I use the Rapier its never broken from the front. But today while running with the Axe, it was broken in the Convocation of Decay from the front as I charged to meet an oncoming Chaos Horde. None of the mobs in the Horde were Elites. Yet when I met the Horde Mass they not only broke my block but when I dodged backwards after taking several hits, they continued forward, and broke my block outright from the front with normal attacks and killed me.
NOTE: in previous Beta 3 I did this with Rapier often and they never broke it from the front. But the Axe they’ve broken it not once but twice.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Moved straight into an oncoming Chaos Horde
  2. Attempt to Push/Block
  3. Dodged backwards
  4. Block again.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Rare (< 10%)
Additional Information:

I have had this happen before when I was in the corner of a building with the Axe and cornered by a Horde. From that angle none of the horde attacks have ever broken my guard with other weapons. ONLY happens when I use the Axe.

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