WHC Crit passive not working properly on Chamon weaves

Previously armored enemies now have superarmor like stormvermin and bestigors, and witch hunter’s passive doesn’t insta-kill them but it does seem to work on Maulers.


Applies to Shade backstab procs, too.


Maulers arent armored enemies are they?

They have armored heads so I thought it worth mentioning.

This put me off of the metal Weaves quite a bit, which was a shame as they are otherwise a decent Weave imo. I made a post about this ages ago (found here: Chamon Weaves — WHC Passive ‘Killing Shot’ Function) but didn’t report it as a bug because I wasn’t sure if it was intentional or not (SV/Bestigors are given superarmour iirc, so maybe that’s related?). Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

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