What's a good level to kill enormous crowds? (Reaping Time, Sally Forth, Mass Destruction, Holy Warrior, etc.) SOLO?

Emphasis on solo, and most likely with bots hanging around as atleast some of these challenges requires an ally around to actually do (Holy Warrior)

-Reaping Time requires killing 15 things 5 times with scythe.

-Sally Forth is hitting like 60 enemies with a single skeleton charge,

-Mass Destruction require you to kill an assload of enemies in a single Crankgun burst (I think it’s doable in the Horn of Magnus Gutter Runner stash area), and

-Holy Warrior is the one that scares me the most…have my BOT ally kill 50 enemies while shield of Faith is active…

edit: I just did Sally Forth and Reaping Time in a small cellar during the escape sequence after setting the storage building on fire, didn’t expect those two to be so easy once you find that spot

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Mass Destruction is definitely achievable with the Gutter Runner Stash event on Horn of Magnus, I did mine this way with the skill that lets you fire the Crank Gun for 4 seconds without wasting the skill bar when you kill an Special. Endrikuli’s Song challenge (firing for 40 seconds long with the Crank Gun in one activation) can also be done there the same time if you got a little lucky AND wait for a horde seconds before activating the event.

Endrikuli’s song is already achieved, I must have previously done it without realizing it. Mass Destruction was done not long after the two Necromancer challenges

That leaves…ugh Holy Warrior

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Good luck with it, I’m currently dropping off the game because it’s unplayable for me, every game is a certified crash and I’m tired of it. Until they drop a hotfix I’m out of VT2 forever.

I’m wondering if this stupid skull event may be a factor

Been trying to farm the bullsh!t “headshot 1000 enemies with masterwork pistol using outcast engineer” challenge and crashed once I got like several hundred headshots

Whoever decided on the 1000 be the number for headshots is a phallus…

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Don’t even bother about that, the game is currently in a crap state, I had to actually uninstall and install again to try and repair a but where it crashes every start of any game, even in the keep afk. The game is in a 100% crash rate.

Better start reporting it in Bugs and hope they fix it then

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It’s useless, the Dev already stated that “support on PS is harder than PC so I could do it to see if it “could help””, and after 2 days worth of waiting the download, there it is, a useless 100 GB pack of workless bs, truly a moment of all times. Our only hope is a hotfix… as always…

Might as well keep in pushing it it doesn’t hurt to be persistent

One thing I can say for certain. Today was a sh!tshow compared to the day I made this thread…and theoretically it’s the exact same game version, so I have no idea wtf happened

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Bro it’s a 6 years old game, yet it’s almost as buggy as Cyberpunk was on release. Nothing but shame.