What Missions are there?

I played for 27 hours now and have played:

Metalfab (Repair, Strike) (both added after removal of the others)
Torrent (Assassination, Strike)
Chasm (Assassination, Investigation (removed (atleast i thought)), Raid)

And suddenly today, without a word from the developers i find a new mission unbeknownst to me:
Metalfab (Raid), as well as a gameplay videos by creatos showcasing Torrent (Espionage) (i think thats the other removed one?) Also Chasm (Investigation) seems to be back? And the only condition i ever saw is more waves.

I played everyday atleast a bit and really heavy the first few days. I completed Chasm (Investigation) around 8 times (atleast if i recall correctly but i really saw it a lot) before it was removed, so i think i should have seen Torrent (Espionage) as well if it was there? After the removal of the maps i only ever played the other six listed, sometimes with the modifier more waves.

Now to today. Metalfab (Strike) seems like out of rotation, with Metalfab (Raid) replacing it. Now i know that there is this global condition thingy (currently changenging in 20 hours) but it never did change something for me before. Does it affect map rotation? Making it that one cycle rotates 6 maps? If so isn’t 20 hours wayyyy too long (Even for Beta, with restricted content)?* Or did i just become unlucky? Only ever rotating the 6 maps for like 5 days? Why have i never seen Torrent (Espionage) eventhough i played so heavy in the first few days? Are there more modifiers? The new mission appearing today without any mention by the developers really left me qlueless for what content there is supposed to be and how much i am seeing at my end. Especially since they didn’t keep to their schedule they proposed at the start of beta.

I really am a fan of Fatshark and love their work and support them a lot. I accept that they always want to do more than they can manage, which leads to broken promisses. But right now i really am questioning if the system they designed for content rotation really works and will be glad to be proven wrong.

*Edit: I reallise, that currently do less content and maybe do the long cycle to slower cycle through the content that is in, however there is no explanation out there that i could find and that is only my explanation for why i only see the current 6 maps. However this might not be the case, as there is no explanation.