What I'd like to see in Darktide later on

I’ve been playing Darktide recently, and I’m really enjoying it, despite getting forced out and jumping back in, and I’m sure this game will do well going into consoles, can play with my friends and family with the Xbox, but I feel like there is more this game can still offer to it’s players, maybe even other weapons too, plus a few other things as well.


The options are limited, but a bit more can still be added, maybe a few more faces, scars, tattoos, or even voices as well, and maybe another character class or two, plus we know the youngest we can be sent into battle is 19, unless you a Krieg soldier.

Character Classes:

  • Marine Scout: Before one becomes a Space Marine, they have to see combat as a scout, with very little armor, but still as capable as any Space Marine, another option from an Ogryn, and probably better at dealing with Deamons too.
  • Sisters Hospitaller: Another branch of the Sisters of Battle who are mainly skilled at healing, but still being a battle sister, she is still capable at holding her own at the front, and like Ogryns, their gender is locked to one side.

Character Creation:

  • Faces: A few more options wouldn’t be so bad, a couple of younger looking faces wouldn’t be so bad too, then again the voices would have to match too, maybe a few with metals bits on them like nail caps, and such too.

  • Hair: A few more options on hairstyles would be nice, maybe one that’s a bit like Captain Titus, because or at least something that doesn’t look like we are missing patches in a few places too.

  • Scars: Continuing with the faces bit about metal parts, like also having stables holding scars closed, but not only our faces, body scars would be cool too, even metal prosthetics would be cool to have as well, or even a few scars, like over our eyes too and such.

  • Tattoos: A few more tattoos would be cool, like something tribal and blade like to fit into the gothic world, like Tai from GoW, maybe crossed out lines to mark each kill you made, or both partial and entire scribes and prayers to ward protection too.

  • Body: This is part of the prosthetics idea, as well as having different body shapes, like we can be somewhat stocky looking, very fit and built, or even have a built of an Ogryn, strong bit with a belly, just something to help us stand out from our team.

  • Voices: So far three voices doesn’t leave much for creation, especially if we all have the same voices in-game, adding in 3 extras would be nice, like for example with Sharpshooter, we have The Professional, Loose Cannon, and Cutthroat, adding in some like Trainee, New Blood, and Silences.
    -The Trainee: A voice of someone who is still following the rules to the letter for guidance.
    -The New Blood: A Voice of someone still adjusting to the world around them still.
    -The Silent: A voiceless person, not talkative, only grunting, smirking, and yelling.


This is mainly from the choices of armor (I haven’t unlocked them yet), but like the Cosmetics we can purchase, it would be nice to get colors from the other regiments, like the Imperial Guard green, even others with the symbols from their respectable regiments would be ok too.

More options on weapons would be nice as well, I’m not that deep into the 40K lore to list out everything yet, but I’m sure there’s still a lot to choose from, maybe even some shields and swords for a few classes, I know a few guardsmen might have used a few too.


There will probably be a few new gameplays and maps later on, but this is just an idea I had recently, when we do a solo mission, can we get the option to use our other created characters in place of the AI selected characters? Or even unlock it at Lv.5 or Lv.10 even, just so it looks like we’re aren’t working with under level NPCs by our side too.

There should be a scribe added to the HUD who records our actions and cutscenes in-game, so we can relive the cinematics moments again, this time in better gear, or at least do a Theatre mode where we can record our gameplay, and even take screenshots of ourselves too and our friends too, emotes might be to much, especially since their are a lot of enemies around every corner too, but it would help if none of us are using Mics too.

This was a long write, but who knows what will happen in the future of Darktide, still, it would be awesome to see these ideas get added into the game though. :slight_smile:


I guess when I mean by younger looking faces, I mean ones that aren’t weathered by way or aged in every battle, Space Marines would be a good example of what I mean.

But there’s no mistaking that everyone would be going for faces like these, or for story wise reasons, whichever, but it would be interesting, same might not be said for Ogryn’s but you never know.

And I’m sure everyone would probably be against my idea, or some at least, again you never know, at least the scars make up for this, but it’s a big universe in the world of 40K, and you never know who was able to keep their looks before they got scrapped up in a battle or two too.

I’m putting this last pic here for dramatic effect, Warhammer 40K Darktide is an amazing game, and I want to see what else this game has to offer too, I’m currently playing on Game Pass, but when I get the chance, I will be buying it, someone has to fight for humanity, am I right?