What happened to foot knights protective presence-defensive formation?

I remember the tooltip saying that defensive formation increases protective presences damage reduction to 20%. Now it says it increases it TO 5%.
When did that change happen?
What is the dmg reduction % of protective presence then, if defensive formation increases it to 5%?

Can someone explain this to me?

Yeah, noticed that also. TO 5%? How much was it before? 2%? I assume it to be a typo and it should read “by 5%”, as otherwise, protective presence would be absolutely laughable.

My guess is that it used to be 10%, and the talent increased it to 20%. And that now it is 5%, and the talent increases it by 5% more (so to 10%) and it’s worded poorly.

Pure speculation though. May have been 5 and 10% the entire time, and the talent was just worded wrong from an older alpha or beta testing build.

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Thing is,it has been changed recently,after launch and with no info about it in the patch notes.

From what I’ve read on the subreddit, the current theory is that the talent is the same but the tooltip poorly reflected that Kruber’s baseline aura was a large fraction of the 20%.

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