What do the green symbols mean on the mission map?

What do the green symbols mean on the mission map? It’s like sometimes there’s an extra symbol on the lower right, sometimes there’s a whole card behind the mission icon, and sometimes there’s a symbol under the mission icon. What gives?

The lower ones are the highest mission completion based on your account. God knows why it’s not character specific, makes tracking achievements, I mean penances a real pain the ass.

Then why would I have two different labels for the same mission?

Fatshark game designers and UI designers have to try harder…

Sure hope we get a legend on this stuff eventually.

At first I thought they meant something, but now I assumed those are just cosmetic. I couldn’t figure out any connection between those features and the mission specifics.

Assuming they mean anything the only thing I can think of at this point is maybe the difficulty and frequency of enemy spawns on the map as I’ve had some damnation missions that were easier than a heresy with no special conditions involved on either.

I highly doubt they´ve a meaning. Seems more like a cosmetical nature like “briefing” or “data income”…

As been said earlier, only the signs under the level-picture mean on which difficulty you´ve finished the map. 1 / 2 / 3 lines mean difficulty 1 / 2 / 3, a skull on top 4 and vultures on the sides 5.

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Has Fatshark confirmed that it represents what difficulty you have completed it on? because I’ve completed everything except investigation maps on damnation and yet I still see them fluctuate, I’ve seen 2 separate levels with the same map and mission have 2 differing icons below the picture so unless Fatshark has said that it is a tracker (in which case it is incredibly broken atm) then I’m going to assume it isn’t a tracker and possibly represents the spawn difficulty of the map.

Same. I’ve completed everything on Heresy, and I get three >>> pointing down under everything. Also the three little houses are still a mystery. Some think maybe the eagle is gift from emp greater chance.

The chevrons directly below the mission image indicates the highest difficulty you’ve completed that specific mission across all characters on since the functionality got implemented (1.0.20 I think?). If you completed that mission on a higher difficulty before that game update, it doesn’t register. Note that this is for a specific mission, not mission type - you might have done the Consignment Yard HL-17-36 Raid on Heresy, and so you get 3 chevrons + 1 skull under it, but that doesn’t mean you’ll see the same for the Chasm Logistratum Raid.

I’m pretty sure the other stuff around the mission image - the three little factory/house icons, the pixels, the eagle, etc. anything else there - are just UI fluff and don’t mean anything in particular.

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I believe you are correct, and it’s unbelievably asinine that it’s account wide. Just WHY? It would be an actual useful feature if we could use it to track penance progress for our characters, but now, it’s completely useless.

Fatshark, why must your failure be so utterly complete in every area that isn’t gameplay, music, and environment?

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