Wen will they ad mod support?

just a question but i want it very badly


They plan to add it in 1.1 When will they really add it - that’s a million dollar question.

But I think within a month, 2 months max, considering that modding is already available, just not in the workshop.

The workshop is already up (but you have to jump thru some hoops to acces it), there are currently 30+ mods, the mod SDK has already been updated to 1.1, and 1.1 should hopefully be here either this week or next.


…or next month, or a month after that.

While there is no official statement naming any particular date will be just a speculation.

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Lets stick to the important questions like; who’s going to change bobblesponge’s voicelines and music to this?

And also increase his difficulty for added effect.

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Everything I’ve stated is fact, except for my expectation of when 1.1 will launch. And that is based on word directly from a dev, as seen here: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/vtmod/discussions/0/1693795812289924236/

You chose to be pessimistic, I choose to be optimistic.

March 11, almost 3 months ago, original roadmap.

How’s this statement

any different?

Also it fits into my original assumption perfectly.

Well maybe the brazen attempt to slap an actual timeframe on it? But whatever, cat, with the link above everyone else can decide how they want to take that 1-3 week estimate instead of relying on you to parse it for them.

how do i do it?

The forum I linked to above should have some more info. I don’t have the instructions for accessing the workshop handy. Sorry about that.

Be warned tho: the big framework mod that (almost all?) other mods use is being updated by the community so some mods may not work right now.

Ok then still thanks