Weird crashes as Skaven possibly related to inflicting damage on heroes? possibly related to troll?

GUID: ef05f6bb-b91f-4e92-ae1c-512564fa13f3
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this top crash link is the most recent ive had as a rattling gunner

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GUID: 9c36f1e4-8330-4e8e-ab15-637b7ff18321
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I had just finished typing into chat, then threw a poison globe damaging heroes, then went to climb a wall and at which point my teammate selected & spawned troll (music que played) and I crashed before I finished climbing.

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i’m not sure what was the issue, i have crashed before damaging heroes with poison, gunfire, hooks, and warpfire in the past (probably not while pouncing because i have a negative hit ratio) and maybe has nothing to do with either climbing the wall (climb spot left of tower gate switch on 1st map screaming bell) or my teammate selecting/spawning as troll (it was a two vs four and a third skaven had just joined our team moments before so we were able to spawn instantly without timer countdown) and they selected and spawned instantly.

  1. skaven side 2 v 4
  2. 3rd player join skaven
  3. type into team chat…
  4. throw gas
  5. damage hero(es)
  6. climb
  7. teammate select & spawn troll (without countdown)
  8. crash

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