Dieing after Troll Spawn results in crash

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Dieing after playing as the Troll Monster results in immediate crashing in all instances.

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Join versus as Troll
Then Die

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Constant (100%)

Hi @TheBadMoodBluesDude,

If possible, could you please provide me with a crash report, or console log from a session this issue occurs so we can take a look?


GUID: 48d74ef2-53cb-4ff4-bccd-43e26a9bb064
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GUID: 4093f5f6-abea-43fb-8d2d-e7fb36cb350e
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@TheBadMoodBluesDude thank you! I’ve passed these on to the development team and we’ll investigate.

@TheBadMoodBluesDude The issue appears to relate to gamepad. Are you playing using a controller or do you have one connected?

If so, can you try switching to KBM or disconnecting it and see if the crash persists?


GUID: c33393f8-9273-445a-bd75-fb10494d388d
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i am playing on an xbox elite series 1 and series 2 controller with steam controller enabled (its hard to tell sometimes as there are so many programs/apps running i think its just using xbox accessories app and the steam gaempad settings but i will try to switch to KBM and disconnect the controller completely (im using a dongle, i can try using it with bluetooth, try using a wired controller and also try using another gamepad app and update… these past crash reports ive posted have all been while using the xbox controllers (ive only 1 time had the game not crash under these circumstances, and after i respawned as a rat flammer i crashed while attacking the heroes… similiarly to a few other times ive crashed using the rattling gunner and the globbadier when attacking with each of these skavens under variously similar circumstances (selecting skaven > spawning in > shortly after/ immedately after spawning start attackign heros > instant crash

I can confirm that disconnecting the controller completely when playing allows me to continue playing after dieing as the troll , i was able to disconnect my controller before selecting the troll and reconnect it after dieing then selecting and spawning as another skaven without the game crashing. mouse and keyboard is unfortunately not my play method of choice but will continue to update if anything new happens.

@TheBadMoodBluesDude thanks for the updates! I’m glad to hear that switching to KBM works for the time being.

I’ve raised this issue with the development team and we’ll need to investigate and cook up a fix for gamepad. Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime.