Weekly Event reset?

I skipped doing my complete 10 weekly event missions for shillings because the event was to carry a statue that will kill everyone if someone isn’t holding it. Yeah, no thank you.

When the weekly quests got reset, I got the same quest but when I checked the weekly event, it’s the exact same event as last week.

What day does the weekly event actually reset? Or did Fatshark forget to rotate it out this week?

If it’s the latter, I’ll be skipping that quest again.

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I don’t know what day, but it will change. The first week of the beta the event was no HUD and now it’s the statue thing, I think in the next couple of days it switches.

It normally changes every week.

I’m wondering why we got the same weekly event as last week.

It changes on Monday/Tuesday, now it is the Suicide Rats event.

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