Weeklies bug out again, maybe not possible to do with new weapons

Title… I´ve to kill 750 enemies in melee on my alt-char. So i´ve played a mission yesterday and only 18 counted. I´ve played 2 mission today with the new single-target forceswords and nothing counted. So i´ve been like "ok, maybe it´s bugged on the weapon.

So i´ve started to use my duelsword again, checked Melk out after the run, nothing happened. I relogged to be sure and suddenly it increased from 18 to 90.
But this 72 kills might have been a thing from the run with the duelsword, so yes… it might be a thing that the new forcesword bugged it out. Had no issue on my main Psyker with any weekly and those “kill enemy on range” worked on my alt aswell.

I’ve noticed some weapons occasionally do not register the kills appropriately, both melee and ranged. I’m looking in to it and I’ll make note of this!

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