Weaves Season 2 challenges not updated

I’ve been working on weaves and noticed that the Okri’s Challenges have not been updated.

I’ve completed Ranked Weaves 1-11 , 24-27, 41 to 51
1 to 11 includes the first 5 Celestial (Soothsayer challenge) and Amethyst (Spirit King)
However Soothsayer is at 0/5 and Spirit King is at 1/5

My Season 2 challenges have Weave Warrior (Ranked 1-40) and 0/40 completed. and Weave Champion (41-80) at 4/40

I’m not sure why or how this happened, I’ve attached my Ranked Weave Progress with the the challenge progress.

I don’t really want to replay all the weaves again just to see if they’ll update.

Looks like you’ve missed a few weaves. In my experience doing them out of order screws with the tracking. It should catch up once you complete the missing ones (no need to replay anything).

Not sure what’s up with the Soothsayer and Spirit King though.

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That makes sense and seems to be the consensus from what I could find.

The only theory I have about Soothsayer and Spirit King is that it might still think it is season 1 and those weaves come later (since I’m missing 12-23) but I would think that is a bug, at least in the wording of the challenge.

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