Weather variation synchronization

Why are weather effects not synchronized for all players?? I didn’t see a reason as to why this is. And while i’m not trying to start a flamewar here, i guess it could technically be argued as unfair; in the sense that a person with fog and snow is at slight visibilty disadvantage than somone with a clear day.

I personally don’t care about this point at all and am not bothered by it, but just for consistency and for group… feeling? I’d like it if the weather was synchronized for all players.

I personally love the dark gloomy atmospheres, they create a much better feeling; and i think it would be nice if the whole group had the same ‘feelings’ for the whole map.

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Had no idea would be funny conversation tho. Why didn’t you shoot special? Sun was in my eye! It’s night time!! NOU!!!

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I was wondering this myself. Since the weather updates, I have not seen any weather changes on any of the maps but the other players in the group can see them.

I have my game set to Medium settings.

I remember this happening when it first got added, you had to disable a mod (can’t remember which off the top of my head), but I was pretty sure they had fixed that issue pretty quickly

I’ve got mods installed from sanctioned section only, all my settings on medium to high; i still get the weather variations.

Some mods, even though they have been sanctioned, do break the game occasionally. Be wary.

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So… Does anyone know why the weather variants aren’t synched for the party?? As far as i know fatshark never stated the reason… Maybe somone else has some insight.

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The answer is that they are synced, and if they don’t sync for you/if you’re not seeing the new weathers, then you’ve got an issue.
When the weather system came out, a popular sanctioned mod was identified as causing weather sync issues (I think it just flat out prevented players with the mod from even seeing the new weathers), it’s not impossible that there’s some other sanctioned mod out there doing the same thing.

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I thought i remembered readin the weather update that they where not synched. Let me double check…

Edit: the release notes didn’t say whether they where synched or not. Perhaps it was in one of their livestreams, i’m 99% sure fatshark said it’s random for every player.

What if you don’t use mods? My rig exceeds the recommended requirements and I have never seen any of the weather variations at all since they were added.

I am very interested in finding out why because people in my group can see something that I haven’t been able to see.

“Notice Key Pickup” mod - it messes with the weather effect.

In what way?? Because i have that mod and i still get different weather effects.

It was patched in June