Weapon traits: "XX% Carapace penetration" instead of "+XX% damage against Carapace-armoured enemies"

For many weapons, a flat damage boost of 20% against carapace means you’re doing 12 damage per hit instead of 10… against a health pool of thousands. It’s only a boon on things like the Bolter and Rumbler that’re already viable against such enemies. It doesn’t make unloading a rippergun into a crusher’s face any less a waste of time and ammo.

The trait would actuallly become useful to all weapons if it instead ignored a percentage of carapace armour’s damage reduction.


Yeah trap perk for some weapons. If they don’t make this viable. I think they should make you can reroll both perk of the weapon, because in some weapon, that perk must be rerolled, since you should throw your good stat weapon away if horde-killing weapon got Manic damage + Carapace damage.

They need some stinkers to keep you rolling the incrementally increasing price on rerolls for skills. Can’t have you happy with what you have, need you to keep chasing the ‘good’ rolls so you keep on hitting up that RNG shop that so happens to be next to the cash shop.

Bumping this, cause I was about to make the same suggestion again without realising I had already. This change to the trait would make more weapons actually viable against the Crusher and other carapaced enemies, without trivialising them. As it stands now, that extra 20% means diddly-squat, you’re still always best off going for less armoured areas, or leaving it to the player(s) equipped specifically to deal with them.