Waystalker Ultimate very slow

It has an animation now where it had no animation on beta, but there is a long delay before the ultimate actually fires. This is a pretty big nerf to waystalker as it opens her up to getting hit and makes the ult much less effective against close quarters beserkers and charging assassins etc.

If this was an intentional nerf please clarify, or else speed up the animation to where the ult was before.

The lack of an animation in beta was a bug, not a feature.

Delay after ult in 1.2 live is also a bug, not a feature, am I right?

yes I understand no animation in beta was a bug, duh.
but the “fixed” animation in 1.2 live results in ult firing slower than it did in beta, and live before beta.
for example, if you try to fire your ult mid air while jumping, the arrows won’t loose until a second after you hit the ground.

This is a known issue - we’re looking in to it! Thank you for your report.

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