Waystalker bug and enginner bug

Waystalker 10 level talent bleed on ranged weapons works on melee attacks and works even when i have another talent in that row

Enginner talent for non explosive shot pierce one target works on seconndary weapon that big cannon with low ammo that shoot big ball that explode, probably shouldnt work like that bcs it pierce and explode two times for big numbers

Hold up, how do you trigger this? And on which platform? It doesnt happen by default on PC at least.

Are you sure you’re not using dual daggers ? They have bleed on all 4 lights attacks.
Sword and dagger has bleed on L3.

pc and i trigger it with basic attacking with left clicking briar javelin

briar javelin applies a bleed on some hits of the light chain by default, the waystalker talent is not bugged. You’ve just been using elf weapons that apply bleed on lights

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