Warror Priest Medkit Bug - Blood in the Darkness

I haven’t seen similar reports of this, but as it happened twice in very similar circumstances it might be worth bringing up. Playing the Warrior Priest as client on Blood in the Darkness I’ve encountered the following situation: if I use one of the medkits on myself right before the mission’s finale (at the last drop of guaranteed supplies), no healing is applied at all. Furthermore, I no longer generate any kind of health, be it regular thp or green health when using From Fury, Fortitude while under Righteous Fury. However, as soon as a player dies, my green bar is topped off and from that point everything continues as normal.

I do not recall the details of the first instance, but in the second instance I was running the talent configuration 2 2 1 3 2 2, with +20% health and barkskin on the necklace and +33% curse resist on the trinket. I believe it’s a weird case of curse resistance bug, given his innate +100% resistance from a perk. I’m saying this because both myself and a grail knight were carrying grimoires. The gk happened to die and a grimoire was lost, moment at which my health was restored and everything returned to normal.

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Smells like a curse-resist-giving-you-extra-health-and-bugging-everything-out kind of situation.

Yes, either that or just a visual glitch. I’m running the Numeric UI mod just for the natural bond and wound icons persistence on the UI, but I have the actual numbers turned off (looks ugly otherwise and I need my style points above everything else). However, I’ve noticed in filmed footage from other players who have the numbers turned on that the health bar can freeze while the numbers still change. There too the situation was tied to carrying grimoires with curse resistance equipped on the wp.

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Yeah, that also happens when you’re carrying a grim or otherwise cursed (nurgle smog in CW or light curse in weaves), your health bar appears to others to be reduced as per normal even though you’re unaffected.

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