Warrior Priest cannot use his ultimate while holding an object (barrels, statues, etc)

The title explains the gist of the bug, but I’ll go into some detail on why that is infact a bug.

Career ultimates fall into one of three distinct categories: those that activate instantly, those that can be held and released, and those that are tied to a weapon (books can be weapons) and have an associated weapon_template file. This last category is the one we’re interested in.

Ignoring engineer’s crankgun because it’s behaviourally an outlier, every weapon ultimate is given the unique property of being able to interrupt (animation cancel) any action the player is doing with their weapons, healing items, potions, and bombs to make using the ultimate feel less clunky. This extends to holdable items like barrels, gargoyle statues, cannon balls, and torches that have a throw animation. Using a weapon ultimate like RV’s stealth bomb, waystalker’s trueflight bow, pyro’s burning head, et cetera while holding one of these objects will cause it to drop immediately.

Warrior priest shares the ability to interrupt player actions; however, his ultimate can only force drop the torch. No other object will allow WP to use his ultimate without first throwing it.

Now, this isn’t necessarily a game breaking bug by any means, but the obscurity that this interaction causes doesn’t have a place in the game, as all other weapon ultimates can do this. I argue this point for the sake of standardization. as I cannot conceivably think of a good argument as to why he should be missing this. Engineer’s mechanical differences can at least be attributed to him always having access to his crankgun,which if given the mentioned properties would lead to some insanely broken interactions that I’m certain QA noticed during the development of the career.


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