Warrior Priest ult stuck on inspect

Maybe this is only a problem when using a controller on PC, but the ult seems to get stuck very frequently in the inspect book reading animation when activating it.

So when pressing the ult (without inspecting, which isn’t even possible in game on a controller anyways) saltz instead inspects the book and you can’t stop it until you get hit and he drops the animation.
this happens as frequently as about every third time and oftentimes results in a definite death due to being rendered helpless.

I found one way to get out of the animation: pressing the key that would be inspect in the keep: left stick.
This drops the animation and then I can recast the ult and it works.

still a big bug though - I am going to try to replicate it and find out why/when or at least post a video showing it.

So, I just started the game, got into my keep and pressed ult - nothing else pressed before/during/after/whatever - just the ult-key
It immediately got stuck in the inspect animation.

couldn’t replicate it and nvidia screencap decided to record my desktop instead of V2…

Just wanted to leave this here beforehand, since this bug didn’t seem to be triggered by any action taken necessarily

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