Warp Nexus blessing scales incorrectly with peril

Issue Description:

Warp Nexus blessing does not correctly scale to peril. It grants:

  • 1 stack at 30%
  • 2 stacks at 50%
  • 4 stacks at 97%

Psyker’s ‘critical_threshold’ and ‘extreme_threshold’ are both set to ‘.97’, causing both of the final stacks to trigger at the same peril.

Steps to Reproduce:

This bug is difficult to observe in game, but can be confirmed by checking ‘archetype_war_charge_templates.lua’

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:

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Also reported here with screenshots (as Unstable power uses the same scaling), but despite being acknowledged and the nexus description being changed, the scaling wasn’t fixed. But more visibility is good.


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