Warp Nexus can only stack 2 or 4 layers, but not 3 or 5 layers

Warp Nexus:Gain 2-5% and 8-20% Critical Chance based on current level of peril.

Like in the picture

50%:2 layer
50~97%:no 3 layer
97%:4 layer
97%~100%:no 5 layer


There is no additional level to this buff, its breakpoints are:

  • low (30%)
  • high (50%)
  • critical (97%)
  • extreme (97%)

It seems like critical and extreme shouldn’t both be set to 97%. I reported the issue, and it was acknowledged.

There is also a related bug report having to do with unstable power.

They’d probably desired to put critical in the 70%-85% bracket.


This was reported ages ago with someone testing the Force Sword’s blessing that scales with peril. (Which is already underwhelming) Now that we have a mod that displays the nonsense.
Can this just be fixed already to values that make sense like quarters?
4 stages, 4 quarters. 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%. It makes sense and is feasible to play around. 97% is unrealistic for a staff to play around.

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