Warp Charge Changes, Make Quicken an Option not the base!

  • Yes, Swap Inner Tranquility & Quicken…
  • No, i think the Ability is good as is.
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i used to play with the Psyker and i loved to keep my Warp Charges for the benefits they gave. sadly i can no longer make my psyker how they were.

the reason is that Warp Chargers are now based on the old lv30 node Quicken.

Using Psykinetic’s Wrath removes all warp charges and reduces the cooldown by 12.5% for each Warp Charge removed. In addition, any time you would generate a Warp Charge, you now instead generate 2 Warp Charges.

with all warp charges now being based off this that means i have to use Quicken even though i never did before as i didnt like the changes it made and its benefit of 2 warp charges per kill was also removed.
also we no longer gain warp charges off any enemy kill just elite and special kills and theirs no node that gives us the lost 2 warp charges per kill,

so warp charges are harder to gain, and you are now forced to lose all of them if you use your combat ability, this is not a choice.

fixing this i would Swap parts of 2 nodes on the Psyker Talent Tree.
( Warp Siphon ) and ( Inner Tranquility )

Warp Siphon (Changed)
killing an elite or specialist enemy gains you a warp charge for 25s stacking 4 times.
your next combat ability spends all warp charges but reduces the cooldown of your next combat ability by 7.5% per warp charge
-6% peril generation reduction for each warp charge

Inner Tranquility Quicken (Changed)
-6% peril generation reduction for each warp charge
your next combat ability spends all warp charges but reduces the cooldown of your next combat ability by 7.5% per warp charge
+any time you would generate a Warp Charge, you now instead generate 2 Warp Charges.

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I haven’t used Warp Siphon yet, but was always a fan of Quicken.

I think putting the 6% peril reduction on the keystone would make it very boring, there’s nothing to interact with - you just get your stacks and… that’s it.

It could be interesting to see something where you can make the additional passive effects of Warp Charges linger for a duration after consumed

i mean im not saying to remove it completely im just saying make it an option.
rather than making it built in to warp charges as some didnt like it or use it.

perhaps make it give the +4% damage of Empyrean Empowerment?

Empyrean Empowerment (no Change)
increase all base damage by 4% for each warp charge.

and replace Empyrean Empowerments position on the tree with.

Inner Tranquility Quicken (Changed)
-6% peril generation reduction for each warp charge.

but really this is a non issue i think as if your going for warp charges
your likely going to run Empyrean Empowerment for the damage anyway?

Topic rewritten for Clarity.

but wouldnt that help all Psyker builds?
i mean -6% per charge is what -36% Peril generation or does it work differently?

it would help all psyker builds, but how much depends on the use.
Gun Psyker with Dueling Swords would benefit less than, ForceSword with Staff Psyker.

is GunPsyker a viable build? i thought you had to bring staffs or you got left behind on DPS?

it is, just as Melee psyker is, i personally run Force Sword Revolver on Auric.

ive been trying Melee Psyker but Dueling sword. i havent found the right blessings for it yet.

That’s literally never been true. Guns are generally very strong.

@dragomusic I think you should share the build/scoreboard to help this person with their misconception.

I completely agree. I wish the keystone wasn’t designed in such a way that forces us to burn all our charges and makes me feel significantly less powerful for using my combat ability.

Added Poll to Topic Vote please!! :slight_smile:

Dude there are so many posts about this exact thing with no response from FS. I’ve tagged catfish directly multiple times to no avail. I would love a chance but I wouldn’t exactly say that I’m hopeful for one.

Integrate empyrean empowerment into warp siphon. That way you get same base functionality out of warp charges as before the redesign (i.e. a damage boost per charge). Then move warp battery to where empyrean empowerment was, and then separate quicken and move it to where warp battery was.

I’m not sure why quicken ever replaced the damage boost as the base warp stack bonus to begin with. You just remove flexibility from the class with no apparent gain. Looks like a straightforward design mistake to me.

Not to mention it makes it incredibly hard to get the Warp Battery penance because you can’t use your skill at all or you lose all the charges…

this as well

Yup terrible design. It should be an optional node, not baked into the keystone. Empyrean Empowerment (+4% base damage per stack) needs to be the core warp siphon, Inner Tranquility needs to go where Empyrean Empowerment is currently, and the expend charges for CD reduction needs to go where Inner Tranquility is currently. It is so stupid that the penance that used to be easy (as long as you wanted to run the 6 stack feat over the other options) is now impossible if you want to actually use your kit since effectively it means you cannot use your combat ability for a good chunk of the match. (especially if your kills keep getting taken so you don’t get charges, thus having to reset)

ive always wondered the same