War camp ram old bug

Please make the ram on the War camp map collide with enemies. Currently they can just walk into the ram and hit you from there. Still surprises players.


I reported this several months ago. Considering nothing has been changed since then, it’s a feature. Working as intended.
Same goes for all kinds of carts, tents, trees, you name it.


Why not walls as well though, right?

Anyway, I know a lot of stuff has already been reported, but it seems that bug report threads with ‘acknowledged’ on them that are closed by date are just deleted from FS tracker, so when I have a minute, I figured I’ll just open another one. Still faster than wading through all the history.


Works on the walls too in some places like the first drachenfells map finale, monks can slap you silly if you stand too close to some of them.

And in the third one, enchanters lair, gasrats&stormers can cast through walls while in the troll mine gasrats and gunnes are also prone to doing business through walls.

Also those have been reported a long time ago too.


That’s true.

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