War Camp Battering Ram Not Swinging

Had a brand new bug I’ve never experienced before today. I’m going through the War Camp map and I get to the event where you’re escorting the battering ram to the camp walls. The ram gets to the walls and I get the prompt to swing the ram. The only problem is: it won’t swing. I hold down the button to swing the ram, the progress bar fills up, then it would reset without triggering the impact event.

This made the map literally unwinnable.

Things I tried:

Holding down the button indefinitely: Each time the progress bar reached completion, it would reset without triggering the impact. After about eight or nine failed ramming attempts in a row, never letting up keeping the button pressed, it seemed likely I could hold down the button forever and I still couldn’t progress.

Holding down the button and then releasing quickly at the point where it should impact: Nope. It just reset like I hadn’t completed the progress bar.

Approaching the ram from different angles: Nope. Same issue, no matter where I was standing when I tried to swing the ram.

Moving away from the ram and coming back: Nope. Issue persisted.

Miscellaneous details: Bug happened while I was playing solo on Legend difficulty. (Unlikely to be relevant, but in case the problem turns out to be career-bound: I was playing FK Kruber, bots were IB Bardin, WS Kerillian, WHC Saltspire.) As of yet, uncertain whether this was a one-time bug (because I haven’t really been eager to replay an already difficult map to see, “Have you thrown away the last half hour of your life because there’s a literal game breaking bug?”). Will attempt to update this post when I play the map again with more details on whether the issue does or does not reoccur.

No pictures, because it’s not really possible to take a still-image of an event not-happening.

Edit: Finally tried the map again (a couple of times, but that’s another story). Thus far, it appears to be a one-time bug. At least, it didn’t happen this time. The only thing that changed was picking up two tomes instead of three, which seems like such a minor change that it’s unlikely to be the trigger of the problem.

Are you sure someone was not messing with you?
You can catch the ram before it hits.
I’ve had few times where some troll just wants to mess with people.

It would be hard for someone to mess with me in a solo run.

Useful bit of info, though; I’ll have to watch for that when running with randos.

Even after 12 cans of premium lager I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem with getting my battering ram to smash some doors in.


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