Wanna get stuck?

I found sume palces to get stuck in Chaos Wastes

here a WP gets stuck behind a boon.

And i joined a runnig Chaos Wastes and spawned behind a ladder - i couldn’t get attcked by the enemies and i couldn’t attack them

I don’t have a screenshot, but there’s a point in cinder peak where you can fall partly below the terrain. I was able to get outside but it took a while and a friend’s advice.
It was in the “labyrinth part”, dunno how to call it, the one where you jump from rock to rock to get ahead, and there’s a route below as well.

I know where you mean. i was a victim to that “hole” myself yesterday, sadly i forgot to take a screenshot.
i think ist where two diffrent grounds meet - one is a greyish and the other is a more “greenish” looking ground.

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