Wanna check if Lifeleech can suck char through tree?

Should Lifeleech allow to suck life out of your char even through the tree is blocking the line of path?

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That’s the tree sucking you, this is your punishment for letting the forest fall into the hand of skaven and chaos ! SUFFER THIS TREACHERY !!

But yeah, otherwise, I don’t think this should happen x’)

maybe it should be a feature only available to kerillian :smiley: everyone else can’t but she should… Dirty tree huggin’ hippie! :smiley:

Damn me, get a room, you two…

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No the Leech should check line of sight before shooting and upon hitting a player to prevent this.
I sure they already try it so I would categorize this as a bug.


Rattlings are notoriously shooting through the trees, so it seems they have to fix the trees - from Leech’s perspective he had clear LOS, because this tree isn’t fully there

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