VT2-style lobbies

I want a feature to “opt into” where if I quickplay or otherwise join a lobby, it’ll only allow 1 of each class into the match. Or at least give me an option to search for matches that are needing the perk I’m playing.

Or like in VT2 where I can join a game and if my class is already in the match, give me an option to switch to another class that isn’t already being played.


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You’re not the only one. “Oops all [CLASS]” games are annoying.

That would be nice as an option…

Instead of getting same class squads, of which all are specialized in killing specials and elites, thus we get overrun by hordes.

Imma be honest, 4x the same class have both been the most and least fun games Ive had so far.

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I’m not sure that’s possible in the way they’ve built DT.

Each of your avatars is pretty much a stand-alone creation; so when you launch in to the MourningStar you’re locked in with that character. Probably down to how all the matchmaking, hosting, etc. is all on the server side AWS instances.

Was pretty amazed they managed to do shared resources.

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Yet a small indie company like Ghost Ship has been able to set that up along with a much better mission system where you can pick the mission then set the difficulty. Stop excusing shoddy work.

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But… I didn’t? I explained some of what we think the technical constraints are. They’re using AWS instances to run the missions (& the Mourningstar). Go search some old posts where that’s been discussed. That has advantages and disadvantages.

Also. Your reply is just aggressively rude. And probably ill informed.

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