Veteran Keystone

Just don’t come to me going Rumbler’s full damage pool is 39k while I see that thing doing like 4-6k a pop just on the elites and who knows how much damage on chaff.

I understand you are an Ogryn main, but come on. If you try to downplay how overtuned Rumbler is (which it absolutely is, even if not to voidstrike level) at least come up with something less insane than calculating Rumbler’s damage as a single target weapon. Sheesh…

It’s the maximum damage player can hold on a single target.

It’s horrible comparison, because it’s hard to compare AoE weapons with direct damage, I don’t have time or resources at the moment. The maximum splash damage on Rumbler at 80% is 900 in like 5m zone.

I’m not.

Then I ask you to read again:

The f-ing thing didn’t need a damage buff. I didn’t want to go off topic too much.

Heck, IDGAF enough about balance, I just hate overblowing crap to swing it their way.

Oh and last thing

I try to play all the guns and melee I can. That said, I have very high floor of what I decide to keep in my invetory.

Fine, I leave it be.

I was just trying to figure out how you were running out of ammo more than rumbler gryn, since I have run out of ammo more with my rumbler than with this thing

Well teach me what you are doing because I have around 200+ games on plasma and ammo was an issue even before the Vet ammo/scavenger nerfs dropped. Thing was able to one-shot a bunch more enemies too.


I’ve actually been conserving ammo using more normal shots than charge shots, since a lot of things die to 2 uncharged shots. Crushers and maulers still get charged shots.

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Okay? You’re free to not accept it but that doesn’t change my point. Is this gonna be the ludonarrative dissonance argument, because if so then there’s not much left to discuss. It’s a basic of game design that SOME things will be unrealistic in order to make the game fun to play. There are levels to that, different people enjoy different levels of realism, but vets are as close to average as the team gets.

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