Veteran Column II Feats Not Equal

Wanted to touch on the changes made to the Veteran Sharpshooter column II feats.

Demolition Stockpile (Free grenade every 60s) feat is still clearly the correct choice to make even after the nerf from 45 → 60, and the buffing of the other choices. Quite simply the grenade is a better option considering a match takes 20 minutes usually, so that is 20 free grenades throughout the run, which can easily clear good chunks of enemies.
Sniper (20% increased damage based on distance to target) could be good as is but there is no way of knowing the ranges that the buff inhabits. The real need for firepower comes when you are being swarmed or outgunned yourself, which means close targets, meaning it could be null for a majority of the gameplay loop. It also does not specify what damage; would grenade damage be buffed by this perk?
Tactical Reload Now this one is just a joke, a perk that gives greater reload speed based on % only serves to increase already quick reloads, and with the small value and requirement to manage ammo so not to invalidate the buff, it is honestly useless and even when managed correctly I cannot feel the benefit.

My recommendations / thoughts are to remove the ammo in weapon requirement for Tactical Reload and set it to a base value of time, this incentivizes taking it for powerful slow reload weapons so their increased power offsets the loss of the other choices. Additionally, perhaps just clearing up how Sniper works and the ranges it works for would be all that is needed. **
Demolition Stockpile** currently feels very satisfying and I always feel like I have a grenade in hand because of it.