Versus Mode also coming to DT?

Given how it has been delayed a lot, it might come to both vt2 and dt at the same time when dt is being launched. And with dt enemies having guns now (not only one special) it might give more of a shooter feeling (of course nothing like a CoD or Battlefield).
A dawri can dream, right?

PS: I dont know what tag to use.

Besides the point that I am perfectly fine without versus

I hope they continue to focus on making an awesome co-op experience before looking at gimmicky game mods.

I reall think the chances for versus are rather low and I really don’t mind it


Of course, the base and premise of the game continues to be coop. I actually dont like pvp games, I stopped playing all of them, but I wouldnt mind having it as a secondary game mode. It kinda made sense to me that they are going to release the game mod that they’ve been developing for so long with the game that they are putting the most effort in (besides vt2).

I don’t think those two are connected. They most definitely have different teams working on Vt, Versus and DT. Besides, we don’t even know what platforms DT is coming to (or do we?), and releasing anything on consoles is a huge pain in the neck as it is.
I personally would think that they abandoned Versus altogether, but they say they haven’t.

FS is working with Microsoft to bring DT to pc and xbox, ps is not included at the moment, and it looks that it will never be (i dont actually know but that’s the feel I get).

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