Vermintide Classic

There’s enough consensus around that VT2 2.0 is basically an infected and dying cow. The farmer wants to take it out back and shoot it, the farmer’s wife who’s grown an affinity with it wants and hopes the vet can save it eventually with magical medicine.

With WoW Classic starting today, anyone who has the same opinion as me (not wanting to deal with the Fatshark’s bull-sheet or trolling elitest players anymore), I’d like to invite you all back to VT1. A game free of broken mechanics, bugs, and constant game crashes. The current community in VT1 is mostly low level players trying to play Easy-Hard. Nightmare games are few. I join random games to carry low players and show them book locations and combo metas. I join nightmare games whenever some are up and they aren’t half a world from me.

I found myself no longer spamming Left click but rather more strategic LLR or LRLR and tactical dodging instead of dodging infinitely (since there’s a hidden endurance meter for everyone). Nightmare is still a challenge, it’s nice to not be completely overwhelmed and still have to work to get out of a situation.

If I feel like being a masochist, I have the option to turn on cataclysm, deathwish, onslaught, mutation, etc. Also, I have 80% control over intelligent Bots that will heal party members on command.

No more stupid talent builds, no more unbalance. Just equip the items I feel comfortable with and the rest is all skill. I never rocked Curse resistance in VT1, I always preferred more supportive trinkets, so the low health gave me an extra challenge, forcing me to be more cautious.

Minor cosmetic details are greatly appreciated. I liked seeing items actually ON my character as I equipped/picked up items. Adds to the immersion. The dark atmosphere isn’t oppressive, and being paranoid of specials in the dark makes it more harrowing than fighting them out in the bright daylight.

So for all veteran players who hate the current VT2 build, come back to VT1 with me and rebuild the community.


I’ve been playing with this idea for some time but untill now v2 divesety won. Now I think I will go back to the fundamentally better Vermintide.

Pro tip: Item dispenser mod and anti cheat mod for no cheater and FS’s grind fests.

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Apparently I’m lvl 20 there. Well I’ll dabble with it later. First thing that sprang out that there’s no push attack. Though, in general I’d say this is more of V1 topic than V2, even if it won’t get as much attention in that forum section.

Not entirely true, only select weapons have push attack (sword & dagger only thing that comes to mind atm), but it’s not an entirely different animal, it’s THE ORIGINAL animal. A fairly balanced and unbroken animal. The push meta would revolve around the Strength level of a push, something not inherent in VT2 anymore.

The word filter is there for a reason, not to be bypassed.

Don’t know about it being animal.

Grind fests

Dough I must add that the word that describes a tumor was upmost fitting narrative wise.

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