Slow or Fast Combat?


I really like both vermintide 1 and 2, I play both every day.

Question, what do you people prefer or like more? slow combat, like Vermintide 1 or fast combat like Vermintide 2?
I find combat in v1 simple yet satisfying, unpredictable in a fun and good way, I know that with right timing, positioning, bock attack, dodge, kill specials early I succeed, with any weapon, different weapons have different difficulties of course

I also like v2 combat, faster, frantic, but unpredictable in a bad way, anything can happen in an instant,
hordes spawn out of thin air from every direction, powerful enemies spawn right on my back, blackheads or stormvermins spawn already attacking, 500 specials, monsters all together in the worst places

I can complete nightmare with bots, but champion and legend are imposible with bots
legend is already impossible with a full team,

I think, v2 should be a bit more like v1

share your opinions


What I played of V1 didn’t impress me much. That’s why I have 25h of it played vs nearing 800h of V2.

I too prefer slower combat. While I will probably surpass my VT1 hour count in VT2 at some point, the combat of the first game is a fair amount better imo. Everything is slow enough for the player to take a consistent and measured approach. In VT2 it’s common for too much to be happening at once, to the extent where it just becomes a test of patience rather than skill.

The thing is, it will probably always be this way. With the amount of added variables in VT2 there is really no way to balance it differently. If we don’t have the artificial difficulty spikes we get currently, there will be no difficulty at all.

I think at this point I do prefer VT1’s combat over VT2. However both are fun and after being spoiled by things like careers and push-attacks there’s no real going back.


I had VT1 and never really got used to the combat (though I think the loot system was the main reason I didn’t stick with it). VT2 is just more fluid and more fun. I think for me I’m a big fan of Diablo likes (no I don’t like weaves but that’s a different post) and most of that combat is immediate and fast. So when this game gets the combat fluid, fast and immersive that’s when the game is the most fun for me. That’s why despite it being easier than the 2.0 system, the combat VT2 established after the Big Balance Beta was fluid fast paced and rewarded offensive gameplay. 2.0 is a step away from that where being overly offensive feels like its being punished and even though compared to VT1 the combat may feel faster, compared to its own previous combat feels slower.


I prefer halfway between, slow enough to think tactically but fast enough that I don’t find myself wishing it was a strategy game.

That said, I like the pre-2.0 V2 combat better then WOM, because I liked being able to finish a map in less then an hour. :rage:


If I had to choose, VT1.
But I had a lot of fun with VT2 system as well, before 2.0
I wouldn’t mind getting closer to VT1 (if that’s possible at this point, I think it’s hard to go back, but it would imply getting less enemies, or things are getting sloooow). What absolutely baffles me about 2.0 is enemies buffed damage while we have shitty thp and more than anything their faster attacks and animations, they make the game feel even buggier than it is.

That aside, I liked to watch ratmen’s animations in VT1, they were beautiful. It was hard enough to see them in VT2, now it’s nigh impossible.

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