Vermintide 2: Winds of Magic - Coming Summer 2019

Fun fact: in all the images there are only reedited maps.

Indeed, from the Winds of Magic game mode. We can see, Ghyran, Ulgu and Chamon ( i guess). Nice way of adding new flavour to already existing content.

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Except the 2nd one which is Chamon, the others are pretty much the same: gloomy, misty, rainy… It all looks like Ulgu to me :smiley:

Although theres plenty to discuss, I think we can focus one thing a time.

Apart from the other tidbits of eye opening news, I believe another entire faction to fight is going to be huge.

Remember that I get the feeling they will do it right if they do something big as this at all, they can’t really half ass an entire faction

So I would expect to see not only new standard enemies, but the whole suite of enemy classes and subtypes. Beastmen berserkers, elites, armored enemies and even new specials.

Also it would be given that there will be a new Beastmen lord to fight and at least one faction monster included as well.

Any how I look at this, the game is definitely getting pretty huge now with this addition.


Like a few others, I’d like to express my concern about the “raised level cap” part, particularly together with a new difficulty. The way I see it, things are balanced for the current level cap (and thus Hero Power) - and still many players want a harder difficulty. If that new level cap ends up also raising the maximum Hero Power (like it sounds, without any further description), something will likely go haywire with the difficulty of the game, and the options for tweaking the new difficulty are reduced (and possibly the point of a harder difficulty gets defeated through that).

While I’m also somewhat suspicious of adding any kind of leaderboards to a fully co-op game (even if it’s tied to a single mode), the rest of the stuff sounds awesome and interesting. New enemies certainly have been on many players’ wishlist for a while, and new weapons will always shake up the game some. I just hope that they’re a bit better balanced from the start than the latest ones, and bring in something more interesting too.


I think its going to be a cycle of improvement on this point. Hard to speculate how they would complement the base game with a new levelling system beyond 30. No one really knows until after the game drops. This new difficulty news is also interesting. Will it be a cheesy any hit kills you type difficulty or will there be some actual mechanics to beating it other than never being poked? Never being hit is not really a good measure of overall skill. I can see a difficulty that enforces this as the primary spike beyond legend will be widely appreciated by many Legend players as extremely cheesy and annoying. I can understand a higher difficulty curve really enforcing players to avoid being hit but theres got to be more to it than just this.

Then they would need feedback from players and sort out bugs. And I believe when the product drops, theres going to be a lot of things that need tweaking. I imagine new specials, new bosses and a lord will create a lot of new things that will definitely not be perfect on launch.


I agree; the raising of the level cap is odd, but it also does go a little bit with the flow of how the game works.

My hope is that it’s to provide a power-barrier so that underpowered players can’t step in hoping for a team to carry them to those sweet, sweet veteran items. It’ll cusion the ease of Legend even more (if it comes as a power barrier) which could be a bit wonky, but I suppose that if you’ve played the game enough maybe they want to encourage players to step up to find challenge?

My last thought on the process is that the levels might not provide any power: it’s just to show whether you can access Super-Death-Mega-Rat-Mode. Maybe it’s something like you must be 5 levels over 30 (to represent your experience with he character) before you are allowed to play?

Either way, I am with you and do so hope that it doesn’t hamper the game-state and instead only benefits it.

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I also can’t wait to see what the new talents are that will come with the new levels. Hopefully they’re something unique and not shared like the Healing talents.

Excited for the Expansion. It is quite clear that they have been listening to the community feedback as each of those bullet points (asides from the level cap increase) addresses primary feedback requests from the community, excluding the new character request of course.

As with everything though, it will be interesting to see how all these new features interact with one another so I hope (personal opinion) that there are two betas, a private and public, with enough time to allow the community to provide feedback and for FS to address issues found (not just roll out the expansion after what I would really call a sneak peak preview period).


Well, the call for even the increased level cap has been quite loud at times, just not quite as loud as new enemy faction or weapons, and from a different crowd. It also has had some resistance to it in response, for the very reasons I mentioned.

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Will there be a beta for Winds of Magic?

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And dedicated servers?

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I’m curious, in the article, it only states about the beastmen in this new map. Will this expansion actually add them to all the previous maps as well? And I’m guessing it will be like the previous DLC’s where if the host has it, everyone in the party can enjoy it.

Strangely enough, my sister in law started playing again after a few months. She was hosting and QP into one of the DLC maps, she doesn’t own either DLC. Was it because I was in the lobby?

None the less,I’m excited for this DLC and a but curious about the raised lvl cap.

Why exactly did I write my post a few days ago? :joy:

Very good job guys! :grin:

I knew you will give us an epic content, thanks a lot!

so this is why you’ve been so quiet :smiley:

as much as i want to hype, i would’ve preferred dedicated server as you’ve advertised the game would have ON LAUNCH.

also hooray for beastmen ;o

surely i’m not being unreasonable for wanting dedicated servers 1st before more DLC right? RIGHT?

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Gots to say that any time I saw people saying they want a new faction to fight against, thoughts of delusion crossed my mind, like no way we are going to see the likes until game 3 as I thought I had figured Fatshark out.
That being said, big cheers for the decision to take this route. It really shows you are willing to make a bold move and branch further from your usual “modus operandi”.
Go big and good luck, guys and don’t be afraid to talk to your players. Summer can’t come soon enough… :star_struck:

I will quote myself


I tried throwing money at my screen, but I still can’t download it. Can someone help?!?!

Wow! Thx fat shark!!!)

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