Vermintide 2 - Patch 2.0.5

Yo, while you reading stuff, is that 50% crit on volley xbow (Salts) intended? Also, Cataclysm is too easy now. I do like that you guys are tweaking and testing, though!

And beta frame is here!

I checked, I’m still on borderless full screen.

There was some improvement with DX11 vs 12 - the frame drops are a bit less common. I was seriously having them like every 30-60 seconds with DX12. However, I’m still having them with 11, and they seem to actually be dipping lower. :confused:

I have an AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core and a GTX-950, regarding specs. They meet recommended except for vram, but I don’t usually have issues.

Hordes may be easier, but that’s how things should be. Beast hordes especially were overturned

They buffed elites and specials again, which is how it should be.

I’ll have more thoughts tonight.


Any chance that your CPU is on its way out?

The general Response I’ve seen is “dude, time to get our portraits.” Cataclysm is a joke now. I would say its no more difficult than Onslaught was.

This is much better, trash feels like what it should be - trash, trying to stop you with numbers, not with a meatwall -, and they die accordingly.
Elites feel good too, cannot be bullied like previously.


Regarding attack tracking.
I think you guys mostly missed the point.
On normal size elites (SV, monk,berzerker) it’s OKish, but in large numbers it can cause a problem.
Those that really needed it still underperform. CW and mauler are clearly turning after you and try to get you with the overhead, but with a second dodge you’re already behind them by the time they hit the ground.
Also remove it from at least the tier 1 units, they are numerous enough not to need it.

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I don’t have any other computer issues. I’m really not the only one with this issue, though, so I think it’s a game issue. My performance really goes up and down per each patch, and this is the worst it’s been, I’d say. Which really sucks, because prior patch was one of the better ones for me.


speaking of not running mods, I’ve never installed any mods (even back in v1). is there a chance of a ingame button to kill all bots without using anymods :O?

or is that too expensive to implement (ie programer spend time on it is a waste of salary lulz) and/or you disagree that the game should have that option as part of the default game. because i dont like mods and i dont use any of them. but I want to do some solo plays :frowning:

Dude, it’s not so hard to go on a modded realm and use just 2 mods- Killbots and Vermintide Mod Framework, and that’s it, this ones changes nothing except giving you ability to kill bots! It’s not hard at all, you just believe me.


I’ve notice that Sienna’s Battle wizard flame walk is hard to use in uneven terrain. This has lead to multiple deaths for me. Either from not being able to get out of a horde or flame walking into a horde and then failing to use the second flame walk to exit the horde. Has anyone else experienced this issue?


Yep, Slayer’s ult has the same issue btw.

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Sienna’s ult and Bardin’s leap was changed probably because they cause many exploit opportunities.

And now they’re just broken, literally not working from time to time, great!

Idd I also noticed that.

Going from 2.0.3 to 2.0.5 in terms of stagger, the light weapon threshold was eliminated, but the basic stagger resist whet up again across the board.

I don’t think people are quite reading this right (or maybe I’m reading it wrong), but in playing a bunch every night, there is a large difference in feeling from 2.0.3 to 2.0.5, with the former feeling much more like old Live legend and 2.0.5 feeling more like the WoM beta all over again.

They needed to leave the lower stagger resist values and just change the light weapon threshold. Playing last night felt much more light fighting against “meat-wall” again.

Stagger is now more consistent (outside of beastmen) and its good right now, you can’t push elites like whatever

I have experienced the same issue several times. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

For example on “Into the Nest”.

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Basically any terrain with an angle.
Like stairs.

Same issue for slayer.

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