[Vermintide 2][Networking][Launch]: The Error popup Failed to create Steam lobby appears after confirming the health warning

After confirming the health warning by pressing any key, it can be noticed that the Error Failed to create Steam lobby appears.

Note 1: The relaunching, reinstalling the game, Steam, changing the wifi spot don’t fix this issue.
Note 2: Build ID 7662668.


  1. The Game is installed via Steam.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch the Steam.
  2. Launch the Warhammer Vermintide 2.
  3. Click on the Play button in the appeared window.
  4. Skip/watch starter videos.
  5. Confirm the health warning by pressing any key.

Expected result: The game loads successfully and no issue is encountered.
Actual result: The Failed to create Steam lobby Error appears.

For more details, please consider the attachment.

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Thank you for your report and apologies for the inconvenience, we’re looking in to this now.

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