Vermintide 2 Load hanging

Hi there,

I am at my wits end with this damn game ever since steam did a recent update.

I have checked through all these topics plus many other forums and no joy.

originally I was having that irritating anti cheat error, now it will do the initial load and freezes on the spinning V at the bottom right.

I have stopped the ROG service that was causing the anti cheat nonsense, I have uninstalled Vemintide, re-installed it. uninstalled steam, re-installed steam.

I have tried virtually every thing I can and this is infuriating me now.

I even tried re-installing that anticheat garbage from the Steam folder and still it freezes… so much so that I have to force restart my PC to close it down.

Please help, this is my last resort.

So it will reach the screen with the spinning V, and then the whole PC proceeds to lose responsiveness? Is that right?

Correct. for my PC to be usable in any way again I have to force restart.

if Relevant my PC Specs are:

i7 5960X
Asus X99-Deluxe
64GB DDR4 2400mhz
Dual 4 GB GTX 980’s
OS drive 500GB samsung 850evo ssd
(game running on a 3 TB magnetic drive)

Hopefully you can help because I’ve exhausted all of my experience and knowledge. it works fine on this PC about 2 months ago an the last month it has been playing up like this.

Thank you.

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