Vermintide 2 and GeForce NOW

Dear Fatshark
Recently I started using GeForce NOW. And I was happy to see Vermintide 2 in the list of supported games. But as it turned out V2 performance in this service is at a very low level. Even my old PC copes with the game better at a higher resolution than is available in GeForce NOW. Also, when using the service, the game has a tangible input lag. This is strange considering the fact that such games as PUBG and Division 2 works excellently in GeForce NOW - high FPS and practically imperceptible input lag on high settings.

Given the above I continue to play V2 on my old PC but if you have the opportunity to affect the performance of the game in the Nvidia service (optimization, etc.), please do so :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity: How much bandwidth do you require and do you experience issues with latency?

Nvidia recommends 50Mbps and ping to cloud servers less than 40ms. From personal experience i can say that under such conditions the picture is very good and there are no issues with latency at all.

So nothing with input lag with your keyboard or mouse, too?

This game streaming thing seems more reliable than I thought…

Sadly in Austria you have to live in cities for such a bandwidth.

It is practically imperceptible.

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