Vauls anvil blocking only one hit

So yeah, it was blocking only one hit and stopping to work, even after changing weapons/potions it worked only for one hit.
console-2020-12-01-19.06.51-16050c93-d85d-47b6-a9a7-7461e8ed1496.log (2.1 MB)

have you been playing as ironbreaker?

im sure your aware but, gotta ask just to rule things out:
do you know that breaking your stamina results in anvil not working for a period of time?

Yes it was Iron breaker, but it wasnt from stamina break out. Literally any first hit was only blocked and rest not and ironically i had around 10 stamina shields at that time so only few things could get me to 0.

yeah, i’ve read somwhere that gomril amor somehow breaks vauls anvil, so i’ve asked to confirm my suspicion

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