Vanguard doesn't work properly with beastmen

Vanguard deed modifier does not seem to work with beastmen.


Yeah, it doesn’t work. Also HFBS doesn’t work fully on them too. I forgot what was the case, but it’s either not increasing Beastmen elite’s damage or their health. One of those.


@Harridas can you check something for me? I completed two Send in the next wave deeds on Dark Omens last week but was not getting any extra hordes.

I don’t think that particular deed mutator works on Dark Omens but I ran out of those particular deeds. I’d really appreciate it if you could see if you have same problem.

Thanks :smiley:

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Yea sure, now that you point it out I’m not really sure if any deeds work with beastmen :thinking:

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dang… I think you might be right…

And here I thought I could make the Dark Omens map more spicy…

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