V2 intro

So what do you think about this new intro ? I like those “mysterious” intros where you basically know nothing after seeing it (shadows die twice) and I really like those static pic (something that whole WH40k universe seems to have adopted) so I dont mind this, but it fits more as a reveal trailer or something.

I must say that the V1 into was much better, lot of action, looked really nice.
What do you think?

I loved intro in V1 still do.

In V2 when they add intro with in preorder beta I was thinking that was place holder :frowning:
And atm this is only 1 thing I don’t like in game. But this is irrelevant so…;p

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I would probably like the intro more if it was a little more believable. To pick up cards like that while wearing gauntlets, they must be enchanted specifically to aid in that purpose.

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