Using Controller HUD Layout with keyboard/mouse will list held consumables in the incorrect order

I am one of those who like using the controller HUD while playing with mouse and keyboard. There is a small issue with it when used this way.

Issue Summary:

Using Controller HUD Layout with keyboard and mouse will list held items (healing, potions, bombs) in the incorrect order.

Scrolling through your consumables will equip them in the order: Healing -> Potion -> Bomb
However, the Controller HUD will display your consumables this way: Healing -> Bomb -> Potion

The layout makes sense with default controller button mapping, but with KBM the order is unintuitive and has caused me to mix up potions and bombs when equipping them using the number keys.


Notice the order of the consumables and how potions and bombs are swapped in the Controller HUD layout. Not desirable if you use that HUD with keyboard/mouse.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to Options > Gameplay > Interface, enable Controller HUD Layout
  2. Pick up some items
  3. Behold your HUD layout and see that it is wrong.

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