Miracles menu keybind

Is there a way to rebind the new I key boons & miracles menu? If not can we have one please? I Already have “I” bound to another common key, and every time i press it the menu pops up and gets in the way! thanks!

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This is already on our radar, apologies for the inconvenience!

Today I wanted yo retake the game after a long time and try the new mode.

I’m a leftie, so I use my right hand on the keyboard, my moving keys are I, J, K, L, and every other option (like tag, switch weapon, reload, ulti…) is around those keys.

And I realise I cannot move forward because this “miracles&boons” appears constantly, so I have to change the entire key setup to play, what makes me want to quit again.

Please, solve it quick.


Same problem.
I’m left-handed too.
Moving Keys are I J K L and other options are around those keys.
e.g. please add menu item “miracles&boons” in keybinding option

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Hotfix #6 - Patch
[…]It’s now possible to rebind the Chaos Wastes inventory key.[…]

It was a great pleasure to read it.
But I can’t find where.

Look under ‘Menus’ → ‘Inventory Hotkey’

aaah! Thank you very much :hugs:

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