Updated Sister is Perfect

Which is basically the same problem on live. :laughing:

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Isn’t that a problem by itself?

This problem isnt exactly SoT exclusive by any means, dead talent rows, or rather ones with just one massively superior option, are so prevalent it´s a more noteworthy thing when they arent.

True but free crits and permanent 15% attack speed should not be exactly weak when compared to other careers talents.

The free crits are extremely weak, actually. And 15% attack speed would probably be more meta of the hp requirement weren’t so high. As it is now, you often get 0 usage out of it when stuff is really hitting the fan.

By permanent, I’m assuming you mean that you just never take damage right? It’s not actually permanent.

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I mean, phrasing.

Free crits sounds impressive until its just 2 per ability cast, at which point it´s just by far weaker than a bleed or 15% more attackspeed.


15% (ranged) attackspeed sounds nice but then its compared to a bleed or a double shot talent (waystalker) and suddenly its the lamest option on the row.

Its pretty close to permanent considering how much thp the career gets just from the passive. Modded might be bit different in that regard but i don’t really argue in terms of modded standards.

It still allows you to setup say easy hunter procs, it definitely still has its uses on non modded difficulties but when it competes with these 2 then ofc it will seem weak.

Regardless I really did come to this topic to argue about talent balance so I leave it at this.

Well bongo was asking about the build being used in modded. I wouldn’t say that being over 90% hp is anything close to permanent in modded content. If it were a permanent 15% attack speed buff, it would be very competitive with bleed, depending on the build you’re running.

Also note that a singular talent row being strong is not at all conclusive evidence that a career is too strong. Several bad careers have individual talents or passives that are very strong.

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Well that wasn’t really something I was even implying. I’ve even said in other threads that making it work like flense probably is good enough change.
As for context, myeah skimmed a bit that it was modded talk so my apologies there.

Wouldn’t that be a buff As flense is applied on hit without need for debuff. Or do you mean flense numbers?

Just the headshot/armor piercing requirement on applying it.
Aka it applies now regardless if you do damage or not to armored enemies.

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Oh yeah I agree that would be a good change.

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Blackvenom applying before the damage or in other words, first hit getting the 12 % increased damage buff already is “acknowledged” as bug. If it means that it will be changed is another story as there are mutliple talents which work similar (and where it is a bit more balanced) and any change to SotT would probably lead to global changes. Which may cause fervently complaining.

Not sure how hard coding is. Maybe they could give Blackvenom Poison a 50 ms delay before kicking in. It would make no change for anything else but would remove the first hit application.

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Tbf, since there’s no indication of how much total damage is actually increased by her stacks, or for damage increasing effects in general, we can’t actually tell whether the AS Talent has more value for the team.

Support green circles, when?

Again, my opinion on the stacks and Bleeds is that it tends to just make other people do more damage. Zealot + SoTT is one of the strongest duos I’ve played, and ends up with him dealing stupid amounts of damage. He can stand in even more stupid positions too, which his design already allows for.

If you want to out dps a Bleed SoTT, just stack with her (like I feel you’re supposed to). lol

I also feel that people don’t acknowledge how situational her Career Skill is, and that it doesn’t really offer any major burst or damage.

Obviously not on par with things like Shade or Slayer, but dealing high melee damage, that isn’t even bursty or good vs CW isn’t the craziest thing in the world.

It is limited to melee range after all.

And since Morag-Hai doesn’t exist anymore, it’s not like she does any high ranged damage.