Unobtainable scriptures/grimoires

Twice now I’ve been in a game and a scripture or grimoire becomes unobtainable. In one instance it was on top of a locker and no one in the lobby was able to grab it despite it being pingable, and in another a teammate had the grimoire equipped buy accidentally swapped it with an ammo box/medic pack, causing it to become stuck in the box.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Have grimoire on character
  2. Open item box containing ammo box/medic box
  3. Pick it up, causing the grimoire to be swapped with the item and placed in the box
  4. Grimoire gets stuck


Saw an un-pickable grimoire as well; don’t remember the name of the map, it was the one where you need to send samples from a vault though pneumatic pipes.

The grimoire was on top of a locker, maybe that’s the same one you were referring to.

+1 I have encountered this as well, there was a scripture on top of lockers inside a room it was on the Excise Vault map and I believe it was in the room shown on the below video at 8:45 (if you turn right upon entering this room). My apologies this video is poor for showing the location I just found a random video of the map.

So I recorded this short clip to better show the location (there was no script or grim in this location on this occasion), it is indeed on Excise Vault just before the area with the skull spire for the servoskull upload. Script appeared on the lockers and shelf I circled and my team were unable to pick it up.