Unballanced dog

Dog has bad animations. Whenever you try to shoot it it looks like you did but didn’t. Even if you hit him, he is ridiculously tanky, so you basically cant protect yourself from it. I don’t understand that he jump at a player, instantly breaks all your shield and when you try to get him off, he doesn’t get staggered and happily continues to eat you or your teamate.
Little patch would be great.

on higher character lvls its not that problematic anymore tbh

As a Psyker main, I love dogs. They’re a great opportunity for me to show off my BB sniping skills on a target that’s relatively difficult for ranged / melee to deal with.

That is of course until they start chewing on me, but Psykers probably taste like mint toothpaste after taking a shot of orange juice so… they deserve what they get.


if this was reddit id give you an award for this

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My Beloved tells me Reddit is a place of unrelenting heresy, but I appreciate the sentiment. :smiley:

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Dodge then chew chainaxe into them. They are vulnerable to melee

I kinda want to know who thought it would be a good idea to give to the most dangerous enemy in the game, a dark colour scheme that blends in with every single other item in the game.

In addition to being extremely tanky and janky, you also can’t just push him off your friends.
This is the real issue of the game: lack of clarity. Everything just blends.