Unarmored armor

I dont quite understand why unarmored is an actual armor type, should an unarmored target not have absolutely no damage reduction since it has no armor?

Instead of the current situation where, as an example, a shot to the head from a revolver will one tap a flak armored gunner, while an unarmored gunner will not only survive but take less overall damage than the target that has actual armor.

It makes no sense to me, oh you are wearing a scifi military grade armored helmet? I am just going to shoot straight through it, wait, you have no helmet and only a pair of goggles and a piece of cloth covering your head? Well darn, i am stumped.

Must be some Nurgle shenanigans.


This is called stat bloat, makes no sense but let’s add it for crafting or gameplay lol


It’s basic game design.

Things need to have a designation, a name.

Unarmoured, Armoured, Carapace, those are armour categories, enemies can have multiple

Unyielding, Maniacs, Pox/infested, those are enemy types, their entire frame is considered one type


That’s not his point.

“Unarmored” can’t be an armor type, like “bald” is not a hairstyle.

Yes, that is correct.

But my point is that something that is designated as an unarmored target should logically not have more damage reduction than something that has flak armor.

Basically its a dude in a tattered shirt vs a dude in full body armor, in other words, its a bit silly.


And then unarmoured units are generally given on average ~20-30% more health than their flak armoured equivalents, making them have have more effective health overall and defeating the purpose of them being unarmoured in the first place.


Hasn’t stopped Fatshark before for that exact thing.

And the majority of Slayer Bardin’s hats are hair styles.

what don’t you understand?
for the sake of this example lets completely throw out the words of the armor type and just call them, health type 1 through 6
health type 1 is the weakest and has the least amount of damage resistance
and health type 6 has the most amount of damage resistance
armor type 2 through 5 have varying amount of damage resistance

now imagine that some weapons have more armor penetration’s, and their are ways to get armor penetration in the game to give weapons a unique use, where some weapons are better against some armor types, compared to some other weapons, this adds weapon variety, enemy variety, and build variety
most veteran players here will understand that, a decent setup is having a weapon that deals a high amount of damage to carapace, or a weapon that can get a high amount of rending (armor penetration)
and they will likely want a weapon that can do hoard clear as well
their are other things to consider such as range and accuracy of the weapon, how much the weapon can crit, how much damage the weapon dies to weakspot and any special abilities the weapon may have

this is a rather complex damage system, in fect one of the most complex damage systems i have seen in any game

other games have touched on this concept, such as borderlands, where enemies might have allot of health (weak to fire) shield (weak to electricity) and armor (weak to corrosive)

darktide essentially has the same system, but instead of just 3 “enemy health types” darktide has 6 enemy health types

flak armored
carapace armored
and Maniac

notice how only 2 of thoes even have armored in the name? yeah, forget the whole armored situations just imagine them as being different health types that are resistant to different things

this means if the weapon is better against armored enemies, or if you have rending, or if the enemy has different amounts of health, you might be able to kill an armored enemy one shot but not an unarmoredd one, especily if the unarmored enemy has less health

You think this makes it better? It’s even worse. I just found out Maniac is an armor type and not an enemy…

His point, though, is that calling an armor “unarmored” should make it unable to resist anything, exactly because that’s what the name implies.

Unarmoured barely resists anything, it’s just that they are given more health to compensate for the lack of resistance, making it them ironically harder to kill than similar units with other health/armour types like flak. It’s counter-intuitive and feels bad (especially dreg stalkers and gunners).

And some weapons also deal less damage to unarmoured, which is understandable given how armour piercing and non-AP rounds usually work, but again it’s weird, communicated badly and unintuitive.

you can also see all the enemies in the meat grinder, wall most of them with their armor type displayed above their head

each weapon also have damage breakdowns for how much damage they do to each armor type

at the end of the day, don’t worry too much about it, just take 1 weapon that is good against carapace and use that to kill crushers and other big armored enemies, then have a weapon that just, does damage and you like to use, for hoard clear and stuff, use that one for most things, manic, unarmored, infested whatever

Exactly: when you pierce an armor you do it to reach the unarmoured part :stuck_out_tongue:

No, not that.

AP rounds are designed to rely on armour to a degree to transfer most of the force of the round to the squishy parts of the target, rather than the armour taking all the force instead.

If an AP round hits something that is entirely squishy, the construction of the round means it will usually go through said squishy bit without transferring most of the energy into the target, doing less damage.

It’s why bolter rounds are meant to be good against both, it’s got both an AP tip to go through armour and it explodes a few milliseconds after impact (armoured or not) to shred the squishy bits, under armour or not.

your weapons needs to know what to do when hitting flesh (that is not unyelding)

rending (brittleness) in this game only works on flak and carapace (and slightly on unyelding, that would be the ingame translitteration of ‘‘natural armor’’ in the rulebooks)

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this is an interesting reddit thread, showing some weird examples where, you can actually do less damage to a target if you have too much rending/ brittleness based on weapon stats and game mechanics

Is that a mod? I can’t see all those numbers at all

press E

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Holy crap, how bad this interface is is beyond comprehension…

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i agree
but yeah, now you can see how much damage your weapons do to certain enemies by deafly, some weapons are better against carapace
some weapons do fairly even damage across the board (lightning staff for psykter is one example i can think of) it is excellent at taking down carapace

so hoard clearing sword + lightening staff with a crit build is a good combo
i normally run illisis force sword and lightning staff with assail, since assail can crit as well
the illisis also gets a guaranteed weak spot hit every time it crits, one of the hidden mechanics of the sword that you wont be able to find listed anywhere in game

Even if it is - the cultists might be blessed with feel no pain but they aren’t Infested (psuedo undead) so why are they sooo darn tough. For that matter its not like the scabs don’t have some level of blessing themselves. Clearly they do. So why do the guys in flak with nurglish blessings die easier than the guys in yellow rags?